Diamonds Don’t Breathe…

Screenshot of one of the most precious diamonds in the world

A very interesting topic we know, but it is rather true, diamonds don’t breathe. And as much as they might be a woman’s best friend they still don’t breath. Intrigued yet? Read on to find out the reason why the topic of today is about diamonds.

Screenshot of one of the most precious diamonds in the world

Nobody’s Perfect

A person will push you to be the best that you can be. This basically means that they are trying to turn you into a diamond. Smooth, perfect, shiny and flawless. What they tend to forget is that we are all unique.  And because of that we can’t be the perfect stooges that they want us to be.
And if we do get to that diamond level that is required, they forget that diamonds are valuable but lifeless. Meaning that when we get to that level of perfection that is desired of us, the life that was within us would have gone. And as a result, the diamond standard has been achieved but they have the man left behind.

What Then…?

So what then, do we not push ourselves to be the best that we can be? Or do we get to that diamond standard? Well, to be honest, we are not too sure, but what we can tell you is this, just be who you are. If you can push then push, but if you can’t, do that which is in your reach.
Just remember that the diamonds that they so desire of us are also mined for. So for you to get there it would have been a dual effort. And that person who would have been pushing you has a lot of work to do as well. So maybe you could just be just a little considerate of the miner who has taken their time to look for the perfectness within you. And be the diamond that they want you to be or you could just play Diamond Dozen at Punt Casino. Your choice, but with this online slot, you have the chance of walking away with real money.