The better pets; DOGS vs CATS

puppy and cat

puppy and catOften pets and humans are always in sync. Pets are usually a lot of people’s safe haven. It has since been proven by Centres for Disease Control and Prevention that pets such as dogs and cats can provide therapy.


Dogs play a significant role in the human lives and the world as whole. Healthwise there are dogs that are trained to carry out different tasks. Usually, people who have seizures and are loners in the sense that no one is really there to look after them get dogs that assist them when they are having these seizures.
Guide dogs are also there to help assist the blind, because of this daily interaction between the dog and the person the relationship escalates from helper to companionship.
The army also uses dogs for various reasons. This benefit the nation as a whole.


Cats as pets can be traced back to ancient Egypt. People started accepting cats as pets after seeing them kill a snake. The Egyptians regarded this as the cat killing an evil spirit. The cat also displayed its nature of playfulness and friendliness adding to its appreciation as a pet. Moreover, cats are popular for their quietness and cleanliness.
All pet lovers whose taste buds are tickled by online casino games can enjoy plenty of pet-themed slots that are available at the click of a button. Manufacturers, designers and other art crafters have understood that humans and pets cannot be separated. With this being the case they have mastered the art of coming up with game designs where they are cats and dogs to carter for pet lovers.