Is English a Measure of Intelligence?

is english a measure of intelligence

Is good English a measure of intelligence? This is one question that many wish to know the answer to. As a result, there have been so many debates of whether English can and should be used as a measure of intellectual capacity.

What is Intelligence?

To kick start this interesting topic, we will start by defining what intelligence is. Google defines intelligence as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Nowhere in that definition is there any mention of English. However, let us carry on.

Should we use English to Measure Intelligence?

is english a measure of intelligence
English A Measure of Intelligence

The definition of intelligence focuses mainly on the ability to learn and master skills. The definition, however, does not state the language that one should use in order to do so. Therefore, one can be intelligent even without English. This is as long as they have acquired knowledge and a certain set of skills.
However, looking on the other side, one can say English is a measure of intelligence. This is because there is always the aspect of the numerous English proficiency tests. These are tests that one has to pass for scholarly recognition. Meaning to say if English was not used to measure intelligence, the tests would not be necessary.
On the other hand, there is a whole lot more that one is able to do without English. This is because communication is the key. How one communicates is purely up to them. As long as there is understanding between all the parties, then English can be excluded.

The Verdict?

Therefore, should we use English to measure intelligence? Well, we honestly think that depends on how you term intelligence. If you are using the same definition as ours, then it’s a no. However, if your definition of intelligence is different, then English may be used to measure intelligence.