How to Gamble the SMART Way

a guide on how to gamble the smart way

SMART is an acronym used by many to achieve their goals. In most cases, these are business or academic related. However today we want to show you gamble the SMART way. That is to say how you can set you gambling goals to be Specific and Measurable as well as Achievable, Relevant and not forgetting Time Oriented.

Gamble the SMART Way


The first thing you need do is to make sure the goal you have is Specific. Know the reason why you want to gamble on that particular day and exactly what is that you want to achieve. There are some days when you want to gamble for fun and some days when you want to learn a gambling strategy. Therefore before you start gambling, know why you are gambling.


A Measurable gambling goal is sometimes as simple as a yes or a no. When setting a gambling goal that is measurable, there are various aspects that one has to consider. The aspect of time and being specific of them. This is because when setting a measurable goal, there is a period as to when you will achieve it.

a guide on how to gamble the smart way
Gamble the SMART Way

A-Achievable/ Attainable

When you gamble the SMART way, this one is key. You need to know if the goal that you are setting achievable or not. By so doing, asking yourself a simple question, “Can I really do this?” In order to give yourself a high-five at the end of the day, you need to have achieved your goal.


Realistic gambling goals factor in the possibility of something happening or not. This one may be a bit challenging as some of the games that we play in gambling are purely games of chance. Therefore, they may stretch beyond the bounds of reality.


The aspect of the theme has always been key when you are gambling. This is because if you do not set a time limit as you play, you may lose everything. That is why it important to make sure that the gambling that you set is within achievable within a certain period.