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pic of statue which is one of the Fun Facts about the Ocean

If you didn’t know by now, oceans make up about 70% of the earth’s surface. Don’t despair because you’re not the only one. In fact, a lot of people know so few fun facts about the ocean.
There is a lot of life in the oceans, though we know very little about it. A life that is very beautiful yet so strange. Moreover, it may teach us a lot about this beautiful planet that we live on.
In this article, we have gathered a few fun facts about the ocean. This is so we can give you a rough idea of all the surprises that can be found in the waters. Hopefully, this stirs up a little imagination and interest in you. Enjoy!

Fun Facts about the Ocean

As mentioned above, the oceans cover over 70% of the earth. This makes the oceans really important to our planet. Also, it means there is a lot to be explored here.
There is more aquatic life on this planet. In fact, much of the earth’s surface is underwater. For this reason, there are more marine species than those on land. Amazingly, 94% of living species on earth are in the oceans.
Surprisingly, only 5% of the oceans on earth have actually been explored. This is according to the Ocean Service. However, we are now getting to know more about our oceans. This is thanks to the researchers who continually strive to discover more every day.
Did you know that the world’s longest mountain range is underwater? Oh yes! We were just as surprised as you are when we learnt about it. The Mid-Ocean Ridge stretches across a distance of 65 000 kilometres! Also, it’s almost entirely under water.pic of statue which is one of the Fun Facts about the Ocean
You will find much more historic artefacts in the oceans than in all of the world’s museums. In fact, over 1 000 shipwrecks lie off the Florida Keys. Underwater museums are being created, which include the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary and Christ of the Abyss.