Top Gambling Songs

Gambling is not just a game, it goes beyond entertainment, its a way of life. Several lessons can be learnt from each gamble regardless of whether you win or you lose. What better way to get those lessons across than through music?

The Gambler-Kenny Rogers

As we said before,  gambling is not just a game, there are lessons to be learnt. This is the message behind the song,”The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. In this game of gambling is the secret to surviving. The musician says that “you should know when to hold them, know when to fold them, and know when to walk away”. Such is life, you need to know when the time is right. All this learnt through gambling and gambling songs.

Poker Face- Lady Gaga

Rhythm and Blues pop star Lady Gaga has the knowledge to share about gambling as well. In her song, she tells the listeners that love is a gamble. Like gambling, love is full of up and downs. So to keep it fun and exciting, one has to have a poker face that cannot be read.

Ace of Spades- Motorhead

How about a bit of some hard rock music? Motorhead in their song Ace of Spades, speak about their love for gambling. The trio acknowledges that even though they will win some and lose some, that’s all in the gamble.

Gambler- Madonna

Another love lesson learnt in gambling. Apparently, there is more to gambling than what meets the eye. Here Madonna tells her lover that just like a gambler, she will take him by surprise. She gives her listeners the impression that when it comes to love, she knows all about it. When in love, Madonna plays to win and you cannot take her by surprise.

Viva Las Vegas- Elvis Presley

Nothing spells out gambling better than Las Vegas, the Sin City. The King of Rock and Roll tells of his love for gambling in this song. Elvis gives the listeners advice that even though you lose, all that matters in is the fun.
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