The Greatest casino Scams in History

Casino Scams the best

Land-based casinos have been the target for many predators. That would explain the numerous gambling books that have written to bet the casino. However, the reason why there are so many is that they haven’t unlocked the secrets as to how to beat the dealer. That is why they decided to scam the casino instead. Today we take a look at the greatest casino scams in history.

Most Successful Casino Scams

Just because these scams were successful back then, does not mean that if you try them today you will get the same success. As a result, we would advise you not to try this at home.

The Famous “Blackjack Switch”

In the 1980’s John Dixon and Robert Ailse managed to come up with a way to switch up the blackjack odds in their favor. Sitting next to each at the table, they would simply swap cards to create the best hand as the player. This scheme required several accomplishes and managed to win the group quite a fair amount of amount. Though the exact amount that they managed to scam the casino.

Casino Scams the best
Casino Scams

The French Cigarette Pack Scam

In 1937 a trio comprising of a dealer, his brother, and his attractive sister managed to get out of France’s Casino Deauville. The dealer who was a tech wiz managed to create a transmitter that perfectly in a cigarette pack. He also managed to place a weight modified receiver inside a roulette ball. The brother in law would sit a the table as an innocent who was having a winning streak. The sister would be on an adjacent table. All she had to do was push a button that would cause the ball to land on 6 possible outcomes. The scheme had a 90% accuracy rate. You can only imagine how much the trio managed to swindle from the casino.