Gambling: The Silent Inspiration

Inspired by Gambling

People in life are inspired by many different things. Some are inspired by what happens around them while others can be inspired by the people that they met. However today, we are looking at some great creations that were inspired by gambling.  This is because as we gamble for the real money rewards there is a lot that we can get from gambling as well. That is why we can see these various creative works that are as a result of gambling.

Inspired by Gambling
Inspired by Gambling

Inspired By Gambling

Gambling Movies

We all know that there are countless movies that have been inspired by gambling. These movies show how people love to gamble. 21, Oceans 11, Holy Rollers are but a few movies that show the world of gambling. These movies have also served as lessons on things that people should not try to do at a casino. Though we are still waiting for a movie that will capture the essence of online casino as we know it.


Music is the universal language that can be understood by all. That is why it is no shock that there are a few songs that have also been inspired by gambling. Poker Face by Lady Gaga, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers rea all great tracks that have gambling as their silent inspirations. These songs, though all different tell of the different aspects of gambling that well need to know as gamblers. These are the same aspects that will help as we play the game.


Creativity is something that surely can be taught as it always comes from inspiration. That is why it no shock that gambling tool, has played a pivotal role in the inspiring some of the world’s most famous paintings. Great painters like Michaelangelo Caravaggio, Paul Cezanne are but a few of the painters who have creative works of art that were inspired by gambling.