Hakuna Matata: A Worry Free Life

Hakunas Matata: Live a worry free life

The phrase Hakuna Matata was made popular by the  Walt Disney Company when they released The Lion King. This was back in 1994. However, despite this fact, the movie is still an all-time favorite. As the live-action production set to be released in July this year.
The movie, however, is not the core of the topic today. This is because the phrase Hakuna Matata that we want to focus on. Hakuna Matata is Swahili and it means “no troubles” or rather “no worries”.

Hakunas Matata: Live a worry free life
Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata Mentality

The Hakuna Matata mentality is one that we would like to cultivate in all of the S.A punters. Worry tends to lead to stress and there are so many stress-related diseases. And, we are sure you want to avoid.
With the Hakuna Matata mentality, you are able to face each day as it comes. This is because you know that no matter how much you worry, what you have to do is carry on living. Worrying never got anything done. Despite the fact that we still tend to worry so much. As we worry, all that we do is a waste of time. Therefore instead of worrying, get up and just do it.

How to Avoid Worry

As we said, we want to cultivate the Hakuna Matata mentality. In order to do so, we found a few tips you can follow.
Ask: Instead of assuming what other people are thinking, just ask. That way you don’t jump to conclusions.
Just Do It: Instead of spending time on how you are going to do, just get up and start. You will see that by starting on the task, you are already halfway there.
Live in the Present: Most of the time we tend to worry about what the future holds. This, however, leads to constant headaches; therefore in order to avoid such, live in the moment.
Breathe: The best way to get into that Hakuna Matata mood is to breathe. Take a few steps back and just breathe. This will help you compose yourself and get a clear head.