Tips on How To Win at Online Craps

Online Craps on a mobile device

Earlier on we talked about how to play online craps. And we assume that by now you are playing internet craps. If not, you are missing out on a good web-based table game. Anyways, if you intend to start playing anytime soon, here are a few tips that help you win at online craps.

Beating the Crap out of Online Craps

A man thinking about what bet to place at online craps
Win at Online craps

Know the Game: This one is rather obvious, but just make sure that you know how to play the game. You can’t win a game that you have no idea on how it is played.
Know the Bets: We are pretty sure that this falls under knowing the game, but hey we don’t know how better to say this. There are several bets that you can wager in the game of online craps, so make sure that you know where to place your bet. The odds of each bet are key to maximising your bankroll.
Play for Fun: We know that these are real money games, but always make sure that you play the game for fun. Don’t focus on just winning the real money, because, at times, you might not win. Remember that these are games of chance, and at times chance might not be on your side.
Place the Come and Odd bets: Place two bets following the Passline bet. And always place a bet on the odds.
Don’t place the Position Bets: These are the worst bets that you could wager on in a game of online craps. And unless you are extremely lucky, just stay away from the position bets.
Know when to walk away: When the online gambling gods are not in your favour, just walk away. Log out and come back to play later. There is no crime in walking away when you feel like the roll of the dice is not on your side.