Crazy facts about March babies

Enjoy These Amazing Facts About March Babies

Happy birthday to all the March babies in advance.  As it is your month, we will take a few minutes to take a look at what makes March babies special. Other than them playing at South Africa’s leading online casino of course.

March Babies: Facts

Highly Intuitive

Those in Born in March are known to be highly intuitive. So much that it is almost impossible to deceive them. They are capable of sensing any diabolical scheme that is hatched against them. Other than their great sense of intuition, they are very deceptive. So you better beware of them.

March Babies Facts that you need to know
March Babies Facts that you need to know

Very Generous

March babies are also known to be very generous. It is due to these qualities that they have managed to gain admiration form their peers. Those around these people feel inspired by generosity. That being said, we just hope that when you have a march baby around you when your gambling funds are running low. Their generosity may just boost your bankroll.

Naughty but Nice

People born in the month of March are known to bit mischievous. They love playing pranks on people. Moreover doing naughty things is something that is engraved into their character. If you are looking for someone with weird and strange thoughts, then hang around a March baby.

Lovers of Silence

They are those who love pranks but they also prefer silence. Those born in this month would rather be alone than being around crowds. They are those who escape from the crowds to be lost in thoughts. This is what makes them good philosophers.

Ability to Adopt and Adapt

If you by chance get stranded somewhere, you better pray that you are with a March baby. This is because these type of people have the ability to adopt and adapt to any situation. That makes them the perfect travel companion.