Simple Ways to Motivate a Lazy Child

how to motivate a lazy child

It just seems like kids today have a sense of entitlement. This may be fuelled by the commercials and shows on TV which promote materialism as well as their friends who always seem to have the latest gadgets as well as hottest labels. Ultimately, this leads to parents feeling like they should get their kids everything they need, which is more than they can afford most of the times. Inevitably, this produces a lot of lazy kids who just want to get what they want without having to work for anything. Let’s look at the ways that you can motivate a lazy child in this article.

How to Motivate a Lazy Child

how to motivate a lazy child
Motivate a Lazy Child

We share tips to help your child choose an energised direction if you’re faced with a child who’s just lazy. Read on.

Don’t make it Too Easy

Kids will never understand when you say know to their requests. They often get frustrated and infuriated because they feel they deserve everything they want, no matter the cost. However, kids really need to be shown the importance of working for extras. In fact, they should never feel like they are entitled to the luxuries and hand-outs. If you don’t make things easy for them, they will put extra effort so as to earn those things.

Be the Example

The truth of the matter is children will imitate our actions, good or bad. Our kids watch and eventually, will start doing those things that we do. That means that if we just sit on the sofa all day doing nothing but watch TV, our kids will also do the same. And often, it’s difficult to teach a child something that you can’t do yourself. Your lazy actions will seem normal and acceptable to your children and they will just follow suit. Try relishing high standards for a vigorous household, one in which chores are done correctly and consistently, exercise and healthy eating are the norm and homework is finished on time. This becomes a good example for your children.