What is the RNG?

the Random Number Generator

When it comes to our online casino games, we need to make sure that everything is kept nice and fair. The Random Number Generator (RNG) makes sure that fairness in online casino games is kept. However, there are quite a number of questions that surround the RNG and today we attempt to answer a few of those questions.

What is the RNG?

  • This is a program used by to ensure the randomness of results based on algorithms.

Can an online casino change this algorithm?

  • Online casinos do not have the power to change or manipulate this system. This is what ensures that the results of the online casino games are fair.

Which games use the RNG?

  • All types of online casino games use the Random Number Generator. These include both online slots and online table games.
    the Random Number Generator
    Random Number Generator

Can a player manipulate it?

  • This is very unlikely because the algorithm begins with a seed number. Furthermore, it uses a very complicated formula to generate the next seed number. To add on to that the numbers are quite lengthy with more than 200 000 digits.

How often is this system tested?

  • Like any other web-based system, the RNG is constantly being reviewed and updated. This is because the technology operating online casino games is dynamic. Therefore, the algorithms are updated to make sure that they at par with the updates.

Can a player calculate the next winner sequence?

  • The numbers that are generated with the algorithm are ever changing. Therefore it is impossible for a player to calculate the next string of winning numbers.

When playing online slots, when is the winning combination generated?

  • The winning combination is generated as soon as a player plays the spin button. Meaning that the rest is left to fate or is it luck. Whichever way it works.

That being said, these are a few facts about the RNG and why many online casinos use it.