Subaru Recalls Over 40,000 Vehicles Over Faulty Brakes

Picture of the Subaru OutBack

The news coming is that Subaru Recalls Vehicles Over Faulty Brakes. All Subaru Outback models from the years  2010 to 2014 are part of this recall.
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has issued a national recall for the Subaru Liberty. The Outback vehicles have, therefore, been recalled due to possible defects to the electronic parking brake . As mentioned before this applies to all vehicles models made between 2010 and 2014.
According to the ACCC recall notice, the warning light will illuminate. The EPB can’t be applied or released at this point. This happens when the electronic parking brake (EPB) circuit board fractures. When this happens the car will be in breach of the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) for motor vehicles.”
The warned that there could be an increased risk of injury to the vehicle occupants and other road users once this happens. The electronic parking brake may refuse to be applied or released.

Picture of the Subaru OutBackSubaru Recall Procedure

The vehicle company will contact all affected vehicle owners by mail. Vehicle owners must return their vehicles to their respective local Subaru dealer. The Subaru dealers will fix the vehicles for free.
All Subaru drivers owning an Outback model or a Subaru Liberty from 2010-2014 can visit the Subaru website. They can check if their vehicle is subject to the recall on the site.
The recall comes at a time when there is a nationwide recall of vehicles fitted with potentially deadly Takata airbags.
In August 2018, almost 2 million vehicles still had airbags that needed replacing. However, Subaru had replaced more than 1 million airbags by then.
ACCC chairwoman, Delia Rickard, said at that time that drivers should not delay getting their airbags replaced.
She said that airbags degrade over time. They can potentially become lethal by mis-deploying. The airbags may just fire metal shards at the car’s occupants.
The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries has an online portal for concerned drivers. Vehicle owners must enter their vehicle’s registration on the portal. The portal shows vehicles affected by the airbag recall.