Taking the Good and Ignore the Bad

picture of the good and the bad

To take the good and to leave the bad is a little advice that we as Mzansi’s Leading Online Casino give to all our loyal players. We do this because we know that people suck at giving out advice. And no matter how much they try to make their compliments sound like compliments they all end up sounding like insults instead. That’s why today we are focusing on taking in all the good and leaving out the bad.

picture of the good and the badSeek The Positivity

To seek out the positivity is basically what we are saying when we are telling you to take the good and leave the bad. Its okay for people to give you advice every now and again, but just make to sift what they say. You have to sift because some people are just toxic and what they might give as advise might actually be something to kill you instead of build you up.

How they Try…?

People will often try to give out advice but it just comes out wrong. Like it will all be going till the person adds a “but”. Or they can actually give you a very positive compliment then after that they just conclude their statement on such a negative note. It’s like watching a movie then the tragedy strikes, and at least with movies you can skip the part, part with life, you have to live through it.

What to do?

We can’t tell you to cut out such people from your life, but we can tell you to ignore them.  just sift like we said earlier and take that which you think can help you and ignore the rest. That’s the only humanly possible thing that you can do. And well, after all, is said and done it’s not like those people can reel in the winning combination for winning the jackpot anyway. So …..