How to Beat Deadlines, A Gambler's Guide

picture showing deadline

For those who work or are running a project, we all know how hard it is to beat a deadline. This is because so many things happen that are unplanned for. And well, the boss or the client will still want their work regardless of what happens. Because no one really takes kindly to excuses. So allow us to give you a few tips on how you can beat deadlines.

picture showing deadlineTips on How to Meet and Beat Deadlines

  1. Attitude: The attitude that you have on your deadlines will greatly impact whether you meet or you don’t. This means that you have to take your deadlines seriously and make sure that its top priority. The attitude that you have towards the deadline has to be very serious.
  2. Be reasonable: We know that at times you want to impress the client and all that, but that might cost you. Give them a time that you know you will have a task This makes your life way better and you won’t be worried each time you hear your phone ringing.
  3. Communicate: Make sure that you clearly articulate the time that you have completed the task that you have been given. This makes all that you do transparent and you and the client or boss are on the same page.
  4. Avoid Procrastination: Better start on a given task sooner rather than later. This way you know exactly what you are dealing with. Don’t leave the task to a week or a few days before its dues. Because if you do you will find that the task is a bit more challenging than you thought it was, and you will have to make excuses.
  5. Manage: You should be able to manage all your given tasks. In most cases, you will deal with more than one task at a time, so just manage all your tasks according to priority and importance.