Why the Name Blackjack?

a picture showing a blackjack hand

The game of blackjack is the most common game in the world of online casino games. Other than that name, the game also goes by the name of 21 and pontoon in Britain. If you want to be a bit fancy, you can also use the name Vingt-et-Un.
That is however not the basis of our topic today. That is because we want to understand why the name blackjack. Most children have a tendency asking their parents why they give them the names that they have.  In that regard, today  we also want to enlighten on why the game of 21 is popularly known as blackjack.

Origins of the Game of 21

The history of the game is a tricky one as the ones who played it never cared to write about it. Not that we blame them though, who would write during a game where real money involved? Anyways, we know that the game is very old and to add on to that it is one of the most popular card games in the history of casino games.

And the name Blackjack?

a picture showing a blackjack hand

When the game of 21 reached the shores of America, there was a need to promote the game. This was way back before they had any of the technology that we have today. Therefore, the best that they could do was use word of mouth. Alongside the use of word of mouth, they used bonus payouts. Among these was one that paid extra if a black Jack that is Jack of Spades or Clubs when dealt with an Ace of Spades.
As the popularity of the game grew, the name 21 faded and Blackjack stuck. If you have a nickname then you obviously understand why the informal name stuck better than the original name. Rather, imagine people talking about a game that offers a handsome payout if you have a black jack? Besides blackjack does have a little something to it that makes it stand out.