Tri-Card Poker at Punt Casino

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Online Tri-Card poker from RTG is a game that has all that you could want and more from any 3 card poker game. The gameplay, the fun as well as the action are all found in this game. And well, like any other card game, skill is required but it all comes down to chance.

tri-card poker logoWhy Tri-Card Poker?

Before we get to the actual gameplay we will tell you why people love Tri Card:

  1. Easy to learn
  2. Hands Play fast
  3. There is real money involved

There you go, 3 reasons to play the game.

Bets and Payouts

The smallest bet that is needed by players to begin this game is R10 and the maximum in about R1 000. On the pair, the max is R1000 plus an R1000 on the Ante. That will give a total maximum of R2000. Players can walk away with a 1:1 if they are dealt a pair and an amazing 40:1 if they are dealt a Straight flush.


To begin the game, the dealer will be dealt 3 cards face down and the player will be dealt 3 cards face up. It is at this point that the player has to make the option of whether to Fold or to Raise. Should the player chose to Fold, they lose their bet. By losing their bet we mean both the Ante and the Pair.  And should the player Raise, it has to be up to the amount of the Ante bet.
The winner of the game will then be determined by whether or not the dealer qualified. A bonus will be paid:

  • For a straight flush
  • 3 of a kind
  • Straight

This bonus is paid out no matter the outcome between the dealer and the player.
To qualify for the game, the dealer must have a Queen, 6; 4 or higher. If the Dealer does qualify, the player walks away with the Ante bet and the play bet will be a push. The pair has nothing to do with the dealer’s hand and will be paid out to the player if they do not Fold.