Astonishing Reasons to Use an Android Phone

Android Phone

If you have always wondered why most people prefer Android phones, we are here to explain to you why. It’s no secret that Android has the most smartphone users as compared to other mobile software on the market. Below, we list the reasons why you should also jump on the bandwagon and use an Android phone too.

Open Ecosystem  

Unlike other software, Android has many app stores. However, the Google Play Store is the official app store that is provided by Google. In fact, Google Play comes standard on many mobile devices. This allows users to easily find and download apps. Also, one great thing about Android is that it lets you install apps from 3rd party app stores. Users love the fact that they are given this choice.

Android Phone
Android Phone

Customizable UI  

Another great thing is that the user interface (UI) of Android is quite flexible and you can customize it however you want.  That is the reason why it comes with so many widgets such as calendar, email, messages, and so many more.

Open Source

Many developers and hardware manufacturers love the fact that they can actually change the Oss core software. As a result, these companies can make changes to the operating system so that it can work in specific industries.   

Innovations Reach the Market Quicker

It is well known the world over that Android supports the latest cutting-edge ideas. We do know that casual apps appear on all Oss at the same time. However, bigger hardware innovations always almost start at Google.

APP Distribution  

For app developers, it’s so easy to publish their apps. This is because there are many 3rd party app stores where they can publish their apps.


It is no secret that the Android operating system is cheap to buy. For that reason, most users find it quite affordable. You pay less but enjoy the best apps and speeds.