How to Take Care of Your Face

the image shows a lady washing your face

Having a face that is as smooth as a baby’s bum is every girl’s dream. Your face is always that one element you want to be looking on “fleek.” We would like to call the face the main dish and everything else that is the shoes, accessories the accompaniments.
Do not stress yourself buying harsh chemicals that will probably not work on you. Rather there are just a few habits you have to leave behind and a few others you have to adapt. And with that, you are guaranteed to have banging skin.

The image shows a lady doing a facial routine
Take care of your face

Skincare routine

Have a routine that you stick to. It is more like being on a diet. You have to put in the work for you to see the results. With this routine, you have to stay loyal to and be consistent. The reason being that the first time it might seem as if your face is getting worse. What is called a breakout, that is normal your face will adapt and get used. This is the reason why you should stick to it. Changing routine this will only confuse your skin.

Do not touch your face

Keep your hands far away from your face. People are in the habit of resting their face on their hands. And now it is time to know that hands contain oils that will clog your pores. So make sure that your hands touch everything else but not that face.

Leave the pimples alone!

Pimples are not the most appealing things to look at. But they can get really messy and even more disturbing if you temper with them. The routine that you will be doing will take care of those stubborn babies and in no time you will see the face clearing up.

Drink water

Your face really can’t keep a secret if you ask us. Everything that you take in it will report. Try eating sweets and fatty foods then you will get a red light of pimples and oily skin. But do try taking in a lot of water and see the transformation that will happen to your face.
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