Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul

aretha franklin

Amazing songs are what we are left with after the passing of Aretha Franklin. And to celebrate her life, we will take a look at a few of songs that we are still listening today.


Empowering women from all nations was Aretha Franklin with the song Respect. The song rocked the charts as soon as it was released in 1967. In the song Franklin talks about how she knows that she has all that her man wants and needs and as a result, she demands RESPECT from him. The song became Franklins leading hit and an anthem that was adopted by every single lady who heard it. Even today, the song is still loved by many. And it can be still heard playing in many households.

Natural Woman, 1968Aretha franklin breathes her last

As soon as Franklin got the RESPECT that she wanted and needed from her man, he made her feel like a Natural Woman. The song like RESPECT talked to a number of women.  For all the ladies who knew that they had found love, this was their symphony.  The song looks at how much Franklin appreciates the love that her man gave her, enough to make her feel like a Natural Woman.  And all that comes with the package of being a Natural Woman.

I say a Little Prayer, 1968

You know a lady is in love when she stops to Say a Little prayer for her man. Aretha knew this all too well as she sang about it in her song, “I Say a Little Prayer.” When love takes over, women can’t help but pray for the man that they love. Franklin said that she says a little prayer for her man in the morning when she wakes up before she applies her make up.  And we are sure that you understand how special you must be, to have a lady pray for you before she applies her make up.


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