How to Make it out of December Alive

how to save during the festive season, December saving tips

December saving tips are the most important. If there is one month that is hard to make it out of alive its December. This is because you have to somehow have fun and yet save money at the same time. We personally do not think that it is fair for us to have to save our December salaries for January. It is so hard to do so. The Saturdays in December just tend to be so fun and exciting, so saving money is hard.
We have heard and we know all your concerns that is why we will help you to make it out of December alive.

December saving tips to make it out of the festive season with money
December Saving Tips

December Saving Tips

The first December saving tip that we have for you for you is that do not go out unless if necessary. You do not have to show up wherever there is a party. This is because this will kill your budget so much, so if you really do not have to be there, do not.
Secondly, do not go out every weekend. This is just the second Saturday and if you want to make it to New Year is standing; you will just have to sit this one out. Grab some drinks and chill at home. Watch a movie and play some online casino while you at it.
Thirdly, if you have to go out, leave the credit cards at home. We know that this might be hard, but you will thank us later.
Our fourth tip would be our public transport. It’s cheaper, and you won’t need to buy fuel. Take the car only when you are going far. If you going somewhere close, just leave the BMW and Merc at home. We know that it is tempting you to show off your new Gee, but show it off on the 25th okay.
The final tip that we leave you with is that open a separate account next year and name it December funds. Deposit a few Rands into int every month. Avoid linking it to any mobile money applications too. That way, come December 2019, you will be the Money Spender.