Malwedhe Wave Takes South Africa by Storm

south africans having thw malwedhe challenge

Malwedhe by King Monada has South African’s fainting to the beat of the song. It is a hot new track with a dance routine that everyone can do. If you could not do the Thuso Phala or Gwara Gwara, then the dance for Malwedhe is one that you can and should master.

Who is King Monada?

Back in 2016, he released the song “Ska Bhora Moreki” and it was a hit, but with Malwedhe, he has a chance of breaking the international song charts.

What does Malwedhe Mean?

The song talks about a person who has a sickness of collapsing, so you can obviously guess the dance moves for the song. If you guessed fainting or collapsing, then you are spot on. All that you have to do to be part of the dance is to collapse. No complicated routines, just collapsing.
In his song, Monada says that he has an illness of fainting. As a result, when you date him and dump or cheat on him, he will faint. If you do not give him money and do not come home, he will faint. Talk of a high maintenance relationship.
south africans having thw malwedhe challengeThe song has put a trance on the whole of South Africa with the #Malwedhe Challenge trending on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Videos of people doing the challenge are being shared on social media sites as well as WhatsApp.
It serves to say, without reasonable doubt that this December we have a new dance move. Memes have been circulating under the #December Start-up kit. The meme has a box of washing powder, overalls, beer and of cause the Malwedhe song. This December is going to be one to remember in Mzansi, we will have people collapsing everywhere. We hope to see all the real money winners at Punt Casino collapsing in joy as well.