Tricking Tri-Card Poker

man winning tri-card poker

We believe that we successfully managed to teach you how to play Tri-Card poker. And as we have always said we love you this much. So we also give you a few tips on to make a few Rands of the game as well.

man winning tri-card pokerTips for Tri Card Poker

  1. You have to know the rules to get the best out of the game. So just take a few minutes to read through all the rules and then you can play. That way you can also avoid saying that the computer is cheating.
  2. After you have read all the rules, play for fun before you play for real money. This makes good for a practice round and that way you can also tell if you really read and understood the rules.
  3. Two times the charm. To get the best out of Tri Card poker experience, you can play two games at once. The Ante and the Pair. Let’s add a practical example to the situation, say you have a pair of 6’s and the dealer has 8’s. You will win if you the Pair Plus bet but you will lose the Ante because the dealer is higher. So you win some and you will lose some. But at the need of the day, it’s still a win-win situation.
  4. Think bonus hands. One of the ways to trickle out winnings on Tri Poker is by taking down bonus hands. Most tables will pay up 5:1 on the Ante for a straight flush, 3:1 or 4:1 for a flush and 2:1 for 3 of a kind.
  5. Set your bankroll. You see once you master the game, it can have you playing hours on end. So make sure to know how much you want to play with or the game will surely play you.
  6. Know the poker hands. As a bonus tip, you have to know the poker hands. Because that way you know which will pay out more than the other.