Weird English Words in the Dictionary

some weird English words

Before we even start this post, we are going to say, English never loved us, hashtag fact. This is because of some of the words that are just odd. Don’t believe us? Go through this post and find out some weird English words. Moreover, just to show off, we grant you permission to use them in sentences. As you do, watch the reaction from your friends and colleagues.

Weird English Words

Crepuscular: relating to twilight

We know that this is one weird word. We are not so sure about you, but we had a hard trying to pronounce it. Moreover, we still are. However, we can always incorporate it into a sentence, “the crepuscular yesterday was just amazing”.

enervated: drained of energy

This one seems like it is a bit easier to pronounce. It is easier to use it in a sentence as well. Usually, on Monday mornings, we feel enervated.

Pulchritude: beauty

some weird English words
Weird English words

This one is actually of our favourites, especially during the month of love. Surprise that special somebody and tell that his or her pulchritude amazes you every day. Even though you will need to explain as soon as you say to avoid getting punched in the face.

Pusillanimous: lacking in courage

We all know that we that one pusillanimous friend who doesn’t dare try to play online casino games no matter how much we try to convince them. Another weird English word, do not you think. We know that the pronunciation of this one is a bit challenging as well.

Enough with the Weird English Words

That is a bit too much of the weird English words. Even though we just gave a few of them, we know the struggle has been real whilst trying to pronounce them. So, let’s give you a few easy ones, real money promotions. Let us use it in a sentence. Enjoy amazing real money promotions at Punt Casino.