Why You Shouldn’t Work on Weekends

why you should not work on weekends

It’s Friday and we know that you have been waiting for this since last week Friday. Trust us, we know how that feels. As much as you are geared up for the weekend, your boss tells you that you have to come in tomorrow. That is a big no, and that is why today we are focusing on why you should not work on weekends.

Reasons to not Work on Weekends

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reasons to not work on weekends
Work on Weekends

Health Issues

Several studies have been carried out on why people should not work on weekends. A few of those studies show that those who work on weekends are more likely to be heavy drinkers. Furthermore, other results state that working on weekends damages your mental health. This is because people need to rest and catch up on life.

Miss out on Life

As stated above the weekend is time to catch up on life. See how your family and friends are doing. In most cases those who work on weekends do not get a chance to see their children grow, leading to the child resenting them in the end. As for the unmarried, working on weekends leads them to have a zero social life that in turn can lead to depression.

You Don’t Get to Live

The main reason why most people work on weekends is that they want to chase the paper. However, for how long will you chase the paper? Moreover, how much of those Rands will ever be enough? By working on weekends, you miss living life all because of your career. As a result, life passes you by and the next thing you are old and wondering what you did with your youth.